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How to Create a Twitch Command Script for Streamlabs Chatbot Part 2: Basic Structure by Nintendo Engineer The Startup

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In the world of livestreaming, it has become common practice to hold various raffles and giveaways for your community every now and then. These can be digital goods like game keys or physical items like gaming hardware or merchandise. To manage these giveaways in the best possible way, you can use the Streamlabs chatbot. Here you can easily create and manage raffles, sweepstakes, and giveaways. With a few clicks, the winners can be determined automatically generated, so that it comes to a fair draw.

time the script

Cloudbot from Streamlabs is a chatbot that adds entertainment and moderation features for your live stream. It automates tasks like announcing new followers and subs and can send messages of appreciation to your viewers. Cloudbot is easy to set up and use, and it’s completely free. But because of me not keeping up with the bot, some of the commands no longer functioned as were documented on this post. I also removed all game/scripts based off of using text files (i.e. slots, gambling, roulette) as how they are built now, they do not work. In the streamlabs chatbot ‘console’ tab on the left side menu, you can type in the bottom.

Shoutout Command for StreamElements and Twitch

This lists the top 10 users who have the most points/currency. Once you are on the main screen of the program, the actual tool opens in all its glory. In this section, we would like to introduce you to the features of Streamlabs Chatbot and explain what the menu items on the left side of the plug-in are all about. Once this is done, all you need to do is log in to Streamlabs with your main account and paste the security code into the appropriate field in the wizard.


If you prefer to watch it being created, you can watch the video below. Yes, this is how you set up a command script and, no, there is so much more you can do within Python. It’s kinda empty in here…SC has the format and options of the file documented on their GitHub Wiki page. First, we have to choose the name and type of file our values will be dumped in to use in our script. The circular “info” button.Clear the window with the reload symbol in the upper right and move to the Console section of SC.


This returns all channels that are currently hosting your channel (if you’re a large streamer, use with caution). This returns the date and time of which the user of the command followed your channel. This lists the top 5 users who have spent the most time, based on hours, in the stream. Notifications are an alternative to the classic alerts. You can set up and define these notifications with the Streamlabs chatbot.

To do this, click streamlabs command in to Streamlabs and then Approve. In the next step, select your preferred streaming platform and click Next. For a better understanding, we would like to introduce you to the individual functions of the Streamlabs chatbot. These are basic commands that I recommend for any channel.

An Extensive List Of Streamlabs Chatbot Commands

Then you can make use of this cool feature. You have the possibility to include different sound files from your PC and make them available to your viewers. These are usually short, concise sound files that provide a laugh. Of course, you should not use any copyrighted files, as this can lead to problems. The setup of your own Streamlabs chatbot is successfully completed.

How do you use Streamlabs?

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click Output in the side panel.
  3. Choose your encoder. Click on your hardware encoder (NVENC, Quick Sync) if you have one or your software encoder (x264).
  4. Determine your bitrate.
  5. Set keyframe interval to 2 for optimal quality.
  6. Click Video.

Here is some neat stuff you could add to your command to make it just a little bit cooler, but they’re by no means necessary to create your commands. First off, that log method looks kind of bulky and, as we’re going to use it more than once, let’s create a utility method to wrap it in. All Streamlabs Chatbot commands have some basics you need to have implemented correctly for it to even appear as a runnable script in their UI, let alone run it. You can ignore the API Key field for this exercise.At least some basic programming skills are assumed throughout this post. This is a post on creating Twitch commands, so I won’t be diving into variables and method/function calls and how they work.

How To Connect Streamlab Chatbot To Your Twitch Channel

Don’t forget to check out our entire list of cloudbot variables. Use these to create your very own custom commands. Lurk command in other peoples Twitch chat? This command allows a viewer to let the streamer know they are there but won’t be able to chat at the current time. This is a great feature to have in your stream as not everyone will want to talk all the time however they still want to show their support.

For example, when playing particularly hard video games, you can set up a death counter to show viewers how many times you have died. Death command in the chat, you or your mods can then add an event in this case, so that the counter increases. You can of course change the type of counter and the command as the situation requires. Commands can be used to raid a channel, start a giveaway, share media, and much more. Each command comes with a set of permissions. Depending on the Command, some can only be used by your moderators while everyone, including viewers, can use others.

How to Use Commands

This platform generates free Chatbots for Live Chat, for Websites, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms like Telegram. Think of the Queue as an online remote. The person with the queue system manages who will be playing with the streamer next, playing music, or using it to keep track of viewers. Your audience can trigger responses from the Streamlabs chatbot by typing phrases like “!hello” for the bot to give out personalized replies. On the authorization page, click “Connect,” followed by going to “Settings” in “General,” Scroll until you find the chatbot tab and enable it. The command must have $commands written in the response.

  • Go to the default Cloudbot commands list and ensure you have enabled !
  • If these things are changed then the response won’t work properly.
  • Each command comes with a set of permissions.
  • The premade command is a great feature if you need to spend time preparing other things for your next stream.
  • But because of me not keeping up with the bot, some of the commands no longer functioned as were documented on this post.
  • Next, make Streamlabs a mod by going to your Twitch chat and typing /mod Streamlabs.

The following commands are to be used for specific games to retrieve information such as player statistics. The following commands take use of AnkhBot’s ”$readapi” function the same way as above, however these are for other services than Twitch. This grabs the last 3 users that followed your channel and displays them in chat. This returns a numerical value representing how many followers you currently have. This returns the duration of time that the stream has been live.

  • Example of the Shoutout commandsNow, when you type “!
  • If you have already established a few funny running gags in your community, this function is suitable to consolidate them and make them always available.
  • Watchtime command is easier to set up than the Cloudbot command, but the down side is that you are not able to edit what the automated response is for StreamElements.
  • For users using YouTube for song requests only.
  • Watchtime command is a great tool to get your chat talking.
  • Include_replies– If specified at all, this includes replies from the specified user to other users as well.

Streamlabs chatbot is a chatbot software embedded within Streamlabs, which allows streamers or influencers to easily engage with users. Creators can interact with users, hold giveaways, play games, or send out virtually welcome messages. Copy Chat Command to Clipboard This is the command to add a win.

How do I add commands to a stream element?

  1. 1 Click on 'Chat Commands'
  2. 2 Click on 'add new command'
  3. 3 Edit the new command.
  4. 4 Set the 'Advanced settings'
  5. 5 Enable the command.
  6. 6 Set StreamElements as a moderator or editor.

Clone with Git or checkout with SVN using the repository’s web address. Click through the installation menu as usual and check Launch Streamlabs Chatbot at the end. Create custom and unique designs for your stream. Example of Default Media Share Commands5.

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